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Top 5 Sex Recommendations From Porn Stars

It is believed that the majority of porn actors and actresses are experienced enough to be real experts in terms of sex, well, at least in terms of its technical side. Many people would love to hear secret advice from a favorite porn model on how to last longer in bed, or how to make intimate interaction more engaging and amusing or free bbw vr porn clips. So, we have prepared a list of top sex recommendations from adult performers that will help you change your sex life for the better!

The Top Tips

The following recommendations from the top performers in the adult industry will help you improve your skills and enjoy intimate relationships even more: read more


Ten Celebrity Look-Alikes in Porn Industry

There are, in fact, more than ten look-alikes of famous actors and models among adult performers. Some of the porn actors (and especially actresses) are naturally alike to the celebrity, and just make the benefit of their real faces. However, other adult performers who have at least the smallest chance to look similar or very much like one of the top celebrities, do plastic surgery immediately.

They work in different niches, so there are no chances for a porn star to later replace the celebrity in terms of popularity. However, within the adult entertainment industry, the demand for “celebrity” faces is huge. The thing is, celebrity has fans, some of them are very passionate ones. Celebrity’s fans look for sex videos with girls that would remind them of their big but unreachable love. So, the porn model with similar appearance will be very popular. read more