What Is Feminist Porn?

It is not a secret that the number of male viewers of sex videos exceeds the number of female viewers. It is also a well-known fact that there are more female adult performers than male actors. This results in a great number of sex videos created purely for men, and unfortunately, the majority of these videos are directly misogynistic.

In such videos, women are used, raped, insulted, humiliated, mistreated, and it all is shown as a norm. Also, there is very much fake sex in all those videos, especially for female performers. If to think about it, there is little surprise that the number of rapes all over the world constantly increases, because men from the teenage age learn that it is okay to use women as items for their sexual pleasure.

Feminist porn is a trend that makes effort to change the adult entertainment industry and include women both as viewers that can find the content they would enjoy easily, and as a part of humanity in general, to protect them from awful consequences of this male-oriented porn.

Feminist porn fights against objectifying women in sex videos, and consequently, in sex as such. As a result, it is now a new trend, that makes a stand for equal rights of women in the adult industry.

What Feminist Porn Looks Like?

For most viewers, especially those who are not very experienced in adult content variety, or those who do not have any specific fetishes and preferences, feminist porn looks generally like any other sex video. And yet, there are several important differences that you might notice if you make an effort:

  • the male and female characters should be treated equally in the movie. This is both about activities they perform and also about the percent of speaking they do, or actions according to the plot.
  • sex is shown not as something that body parts do to each other, but what people do with each other. So, separate body parts are rarely shown; the focus is more on the whole bodies interacting.
  • the movie does not show sexual interaction only, it always has some kind of a plot that shows what are the relationships between the partners. Even if the partners only meet for one night, it is still important, because, in real life, sex always happens in a certain context.
  • kissing and touching are crucial because this is what real people do when having sex; they do not stick their genitals out immediately.
  • the sexual interaction shown on the screen really seems pleasurable for the actors. Less fake moans and “passionate” faces, and everything done is choreographed, but still brings some pleasure to the actors.

It may seem not much, but sex videos available for thousands of people, and an industry that is actually shaped by the desires of these people forms a general sex culture. This is why feminism porn creates a more beneficial perspective in this trend, for all of us.

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