Top Ten The Most Shocking Records in Sex

Sex is not a conventional activity where people would really take high scores, however, in reality, some people do. They even contest with each other to show the greatest results, and to make their names shine in history, and make their grandchildren proud!

These the weirdest high scores made by people in sex:

  1. The furthest ejaculation. Well, honestly, almost all boys do that. They wonder how far they can get, and college students even make contests on fraternity parties. However, Mr.Horst Schultz has beaten them all, reaching the distance of 6 meters! this s world record. In addition, his ejaculation is the fastest, reaching almost 70 kilometers per hours. That’s impressive.
  2. The most orgasms per hour. The official record for women is 134 orgasms happening in one hour. This is really fast and impressive, but after a certain point, it is not clear whether this experience was eventually pleasurable for the girl. The record for males is only 16 times in one hour.
  3. The oldest male adult performer – this is Shigeo Tokuda, who started his career at the age of 60 and by the age of 80, he already has more than 350 adult movies under his belt!
  4. The strongest vagina in the whole world. This amazing organ belongs to Tatyana Kozhevnikova who managed to lift 31 pounds in 2009.
  5. The world’s oldest virgin – Clara Meadmore lived until 107 years of age and has never had a desire to engage in sexual interaction. In her interview, she told the newspaper sex always seemed to her just a waste of time.
  6. The biggest natural breasts in the world belong to Norma Stitz. She is an African American living in Atlanta and the only unusual thing about her is her natural breast. The size of her bra is 102ZZZ.
  7. The longest erection in the world – permanent. An Iranian man had made a tattoo on his penis and as a result acquired never-ending erection for the rest of his life. Obviously, this is not a norm, so we hope men will not rush into tattoo studios after reading this.
  8. The longest masturbation – it took 9 hours and 58 minutes.
  9. The oldest prostitute in the world: 82-year-old woman in Taiwan.
  10. The most sex in one day – Lisa Spark spent 24 hours dedicating 94 seconds to each partner, eventually having 919 partners in one day.

We hope this was useful info!

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