How To Become A Director Of Your Own VR Porn Video

Since virtual reality is an insanely popular novelty today, thousands of people enjoy watching adult content with it, because it offers such an immersive entertainment. This type of sex videos is more arousing and effective than conventional adult content because the user gets an impression of actually being in the room where the action takes place.

Also, many VR porn videos are shot from the first person, meaning that the end viewer watches the action not as a third party in the room, but as if through the eyes of one of the participants. This all makes virtual reality porn a steaming hot content. Many fans of both porn and VR started wondering if it is possible to make their own clips? Well, this is not easy, but in theory, one may try.

Make Your Own Video

Resourceful people have invented the easiest way to make your own VR sex content. Find a website that offers VR video games with options of adult content. Film these pieces of content and then connect them in the digital editor. The result is an animated movie with sex scenes. of course, it all depends on the type of game you choose, on your taste, and on your editing skills. But overall, it is a good option for the first try.

The next level is filming a movie with real people. There are four main problems here – find actors, manage to film, buy hardware and software.

In case you want to make a movie with yourself and your partner, and you are not shy, that’s ok, but you will still need people, or at least one person, to film you. You will not be able to shoot the video and do the action at the same time. Even if you use a tripod, the effect will be far from exciting, because it means you will have to limit yourself to one position. Changing the position, you will have to move the tripod as well, and as a result, you will get a row of cuts with different positions used, not a movie.

Next, you definitely want to know how the filming should be done. If you are the cameraman and/or director, what you want is shooting different cuts, and also you may want to make the video from the first person. It means you will have to place the camera right in front of the person who will be the main actor in the movie. For that, you will need really committed models, because it is way harder to act naturally with a camera on top of your nose!

The next aspect to consider is hardware. You will need to invest a decent sum of money into your project. Hardware for sound is the easiest of the problems; you will also need light, and the hardest part is the camera. Or, rather, cameras, because one of the options is seven GoPro’s stuck together on one selfie stick. Can you count the price of seven high-quality GoPro items? You will not spend less on a more professional option, for sure.

The last thing is software for post-production, and you will also need to buy it from professional distributors; free online editors will not work. When you have all aspects gathered, you can make your own video.

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