Ten Celebrity Look-Alikes in Porn Industry

There are, in fact, more than ten look-alikes of famous actors and models among adult performers. Some of the porn actors (and especially actresses) are naturally alike to the celebrity, and just make the benefit of their real faces. However, other adult performers who have at least the smallest chance to look similar or very much like one of the top celebrities, do plastic surgery immediately.

They work in different niches, so there are no chances for a porn star to later replace the celebrity in terms of popularity. However, within the adult entertainment industry, the demand for “celebrity” faces is huge. The thing is, celebrity has fans, some of them are very passionate ones. Celebrity’s fans look for sex videos with girls that would remind them of their big but unreachable love. So, the porn model with similar appearance will be very popular.

To find out more, check out our list of ten celebrities that have look-alikes (sometimes almost identical) in the adult movies:

  1. Taylor Swift and Jana Jordan – these two blondes are almost identical, especially on the photos.
  2. Olivia Wilde and Sophie Lynx. It is obvious that Sophie’s eyebrows are either tattooed or merely made up to help her look more like Olivia.
  3. Michelle Trachtenberg – Missy Stone. Here, the angle of shooting plays the main role, and still one can mix one girl for another.
  4. Natalie Dormer – Indi. Natalie has a natural flaw of her face muscles that make her face so special and recognizable. Indi looks far alike to Natalie, but we believe it is hard to find a closer match.
  5. Katy Perry – Natasha Nice. Honestly, it is not hard to look like Katy Perry; she is actually often get mistaken for Zooey Deschanel, another celebrity actress in the conventional movie industry.
  6. Shakira – Carmel Moore. Carmel actually copies her celebrity twin on purpose, following her makeup and hairstyle. She also fixed the aspect that Shakira herself believes is a flaw – Carmel’s breasts are much bigger.
  7. Nicki Minaj – Alicia Smiles. A stunning identity here. The two women really look like twins, with face features almost copying each other. Brown skin and the same haircut do the rest of the job.
  8. Kate Hudson – Alexis Texas. Of course, makeup and hairstyle are important, as well as the angle of the shot, but these girls have a similar rare form of eyes.
  9. Kate Beckinsale – Crystal Klein. Crystal does not copy Kate’s style, but she is a look-alike and cannot do anything about it.
  10. Emilia Clarke – Naomi Woods. Naomi might have not been aware of her celebrity look-alike until The Game of Thrones boomed.

Maybe you will have new favorites in adult movies now.

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