Top 5 Sex Recommendations From Porn Stars

It is believed that the majority of porn actors and actresses are experienced enough to be real experts in terms of sex, well, at least in terms of its technical side. Many people would love to hear secret advice from a favorite porn model on how to last longer in bed, or how to make intimate interaction more engaging and amusing or free bbw vr porn clips. So, we have prepared a list of top sex recommendations from adult performers that will help you change your sex life for the better!

The Top Tips

The following recommendations from the top performers in the adult industry will help you improve your skills and enjoy intimate relationships even more:

  1. for men to last longer during the interaction, the actors recommend not to imagine something ugly (as many men try to do and eventually lose erection altogether, which definitely cannot improve their sex), but to think about something boring, like that they have to change a wheel in the car and always forget about it.
  2. Another trick to distract the mind and make the sexual activity more durable is to pay attention to other sensations of the body – for example, that your right leg is uncomfortable.
  3. the recommendation that is good for both men and women is practice Kegel exercise to make the genital muscles stronger and more elastic. For men, it means a more durable performance, while for women, these exercises improve moisturization, the elasticity of the muscles, and allow to feel more pleasure.
  4. many pornstars underline that, between the partners, even if you have met only for one night, communication is key. They state it is impossible to even imitate pleasurable sex with other performers they cannot communicate with efficiently. The same is true for partners who make sex for pleasure. You cannot make it pleasurable and fulfilling for both if you do not communicate and do not allow the intimacy to build up.
  5. Hygiene is the key, in 100% of cases. Adult performers state that for them, healthy, clean, and well-smelling body is a rule that no one is allowed to break. However, they recommend everyone to make it a rule for themselves, as well. Unfortunately, lots of men and even women neglect this routine of cleaning themselves properly. Even if you do not have a partner currently, or you were not planning sex tonight, there is always a chance something unexpected happens. And this is even truer if you actually do have a regular partner. The less you wash, the less you get.

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