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What Is Feminist Porn?

It is not a secret that the number of male viewers of sex videos exceeds the number of female viewers. It is also a well-known fact that there are more female adult performers than male actors. This results in a great number of sex videos created purely for men, and unfortunately, the majority of these videos are directly misogynistic.

In such videos, women are used, raped, insulted, humiliated, mistreated, and it all is shown as a norm. Also, there is very much fake sex in all those videos, especially for female performers. If to think about it, there is little surprise that the number of rapes all over the world constantly increases, because men from the teenage age learn that it is okay to use women as items for their sexual pleasure. read more


How To Become A Director Of Your Own VR Porn Video

Since virtual reality is an insanely popular novelty today, thousands of people enjoy watching adult content with it, because it offers such an immersive entertainment. This type of sex videos is more arousing and effective than conventional adult content because the user gets an impression of actually being in the room where the action takes place.

Also, many VR porn videos are shot from the first person, meaning that the end viewer watches the action not as a third party in the room, but as if through the eyes of one of the participants. This all makes virtual reality porn a steaming hot content. Many fans of both porn and VR started wondering if it is possible to make their own clips? Well, this is not easy, but in theory, one may try. read more